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Round II, fight!

Posted on 10.112006. at 05:15
More ethereal joy today, thanks to [info]ted_the_robot

in other news:

i have this image stuck in my head right now
and i'm not sure what to do with it.
it's one of those things that just wouldn't work as a still life
it has to have moving parts

so i either need to figure out how to carve and make/connect tiny little motors
or find people who are willing to fuck in public for free.
though it would really work best as video.
(bare with me a moment)

picture/image: two people, of any gender, fornicating in a cramped glass 'box' with barely room to move.
skin pressing up against and sweat fogging the glass.
a painfully slow pan upwards, tendrils of moss, packed earth, pebbles, roots, clay etc.
cement, cobbles, feet, wheels, weeds, legs, cars, people, traffic.
everything awful and beautiful about busy city street life.

there still might be away to achieve this in a drawing... but i doubt i can do it proper justice.

Children's Book Rejection #4872950

Posted on 09.212006. at 02:33
come on, what child wouldn't fall for that?

in other news
someone called my phone at about 10 last night, thus jarring me awake, about a full hour before i need to be up for work.
since the number was blocked, i didn't answer... but they left a message which was the following:
"Wait, was it 940 or 904?"
if this was you or anyone you know, please contact me so i can give them a nice big knuckle punch to the crotch.
thank you for your time.

In the Key of Gin

Posted on 09.202006. at 05:29
a glass for kings

"I can see their faces when I show up at the gate
they're gonna shake my hand
Looking at me sideways like there's something they can't put their fingers on...
What's wrong?
Jesus, turn these glass wings back into sand!"
~ Curtis Eller

Guest Challenge with Found Comics

Posted on 09.172006. at 23:44
almost a month back I received the following email from ted_the_robot :
"One thing I've always wanted to try with Found Comics was to have the same random photo set
interpreted by different people.  One of my other guest writers has taken on the challenge.  I've
sent him 6 photo sets that I've completed but not posted, and he's writing new text for some of
them.  It'll be interesting to see how his interpretations of the photo's story differs from mine.
So, I thought I'd open the challenge up to all the people who've done guest comics for me.  If
you are interested, I'll send you some photo sets and you can see what you can make of them."

so we've drawn blade, saluted and the game is on

Measuring the Marigolds

Posted on 09.132006. at 04:17
old writing, same problem, new drawing.

Carrion Fishing

Posted on 08.252006. at 03:32
want to share my phobias?
sometimes urban legends are real

Faith Revival

Posted on 08.102006. at 02:28
Current Music: Mano Negra "Sidi H'Bibi"
man, i was all set to be ranty today
and now now... i just don't have it in me
it's quite disappointing.   ::sigh::
was just trying to figure out why i love horror/suspense movies like i do
think i hit it actually.  it's that or i just like to watch people die horrible screamy deaths.

Cry Wolf

Posted on 07.282006. at 01:51
i have to say the most disappointing thing about my dreams
is even when in them, there's some odd sort of logic balance
for instance, my flying dreams always involve having to run at least a block before getting air-born, hopping all the way.
it is most embarrassing.

Constitutional Rorschach

Posted on 07.202006. at 04:08
be like the thoughts of a bumble

in other news, we're 25 images old!
and here's a game everyone can win, guess which one i don't count.
when you get it right claim your prize.

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Hook and Line

Posted on 07.142006. at 02:07
just remember if you're lost in the desert try not to cry.
lost water won't help.

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Secrets of Angels

Posted on 07.052006. at 01:39
because the bible tells me so.

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Lust For Life

Posted on 06.292006. at 02:16
newness after hiatus and questions for YOU!
yes you, sitting right there!
eww... not you, behind you... little to the left... there!

now that they're out of the room and hopefully crying
what would you guys think of buttons?
as in:
~would anyone buy/want them?
~what/which comic would you like to see as said button(s)?
~should i design a whole new thing specifically for button(s)?
~any other comments on this that you can think of?

want to know why i've been gone? just ask Two Room Honeymoon
and while you're at it, ask them how they can rock so well and so hard
i think its because of the squirrels down their pants.
but i've been wrong before

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School-yard Paranoia

Posted on 06.172006. at 15:00
sickness sucks but still we will fight the darkness
also to be found in authorship today at the Found Comics' of Tiny Ghost

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Posted on 06.092006. at 14:22
Simone Martini i am not

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Editor's Argot

Posted on 06.072006. at 04:04
warm fuzzy

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Like Warriors, on the Battlefield

Posted on 06.012006. at 01:57
newness: sorry we're all out of 'clever'

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Middle Child Syndrome

Posted on 05.252006. at 03:30
yes so there is new artage-ish
"it's friday night and i ain't got nobody,
i got some money 'cause i just got paid
how i wish i had someone to talk to..."
i apologize, i'm very tired right now.
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Out of the Closets and Into the Streets

Posted on 05.222006. at 04:46
it's times like this, i'm glad almost no one reads this thing

I'll save you a window seat in hell
while you're waiting, please enjoy this pre-in-flight magazine

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comics/people worth stalking

Posted on 05.172006. at 02:31

Got time to waste? Why not spend it wisely at:

Achewood, Airshell, A Lesson is Learned..., Alice, A Softer World, August and May
Beekeeper Cartoon Amusements, Belphegor, Broken Glass, Bunny
Cabinet of Busted Wonders, Chopping Block, Cold Dream
Dead Days, Dinosaur Comics, Dominic Deegan, Dresdon Codak
Elf Only Inn
Fallen, Fallen Angels: Used Books, Family Man, 41 Stories, Friendly Hostility
Ghastly's Ghastly Comic, Girls With Slingshots, Girly, Gott Gauss
I am a Rocket Builder
Kagerou: An Electic Manga
Liliane, Bi-Dyke, Little Dee
Partially Clips, Pawn, Penny Dreadful, Perfect Stars
Questionable Content, Quirky Bird
Rehabilitating Mr. Wiggles, Reprographics, Rob and Elliot
Sam and Fuzzy, Saint Cain: The Stone Cross, Scandal Sheet, Sea Monster, Sick Comic, Sinfest,
Something Positive, Sticks and Stones, Stuff Sucks
Templar Arizona, The Adventures of Dr. McNinja, The Bunny System, The Order of the Stick, The Perry Bible Fellowship,
The Unfeasible Adventures of Beaver and Steve, Tiny Ghosts
Ugly Hill, Under Power, Urban Kreep
Wapsi Square, Weepgirl, Whispered Apologies, White Ninja, Wondermark


Posted on 05.162006. at 04:34
oddly enough watching a movie that features insomnia doesn't help me stay awake.
there's a new comic today.  
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